Professional management is the key to investment protection and real estate success. We succeed when our clients achieve their investment goals through effective counsel and management of their real estate assets.

The following are some common questions that homeowners ask. If you have additional questions or would like to take the next step and ask for a free no-obligation conference regarding your real estate needs call Scott Ehmer on his direct line at (805)757-4470

1) Do I have to pay an up front fee for marketing? > No, there are no "up-front" fees or "hidden" charges - Our fee is a percentage of the money we collect for you, payable only when your property is rented.

2) How will you market my property? > Your property will be marketed through multiple internet sites, and signage at the property.  We also have a list of interested tenants who will be notified when a property meeting their criteria comes up.

3) Do I show the property to people? > No, our staff schedules all showings and personally escorts the prospective tenants through the property.

4) How do we know who will make a good tenant? > You can never be 100% sure that the tenant placed will never be late in paying rent or damage the property. However, through superior tenant screening you greatly increase the likelihood that you will not have future problems with the tenant. Our on-site computer produces credit checks instantly at NO EXTRA COST to you! Our team of professional property specialists verifies references thoroughly to place the most qualified tenants in your property, and we also require proof of all income claimed on the application.

5) I want the condition of my home documented before a tenant moves in; do you do this? > Yes, of course. We go through the property before the tenant takes possession and take 40 to 50 digital photos and we go through an extensive checklist that states the condition of each and every room. We do the same outside the property. We do this every time a new tenant takes possession of the property.

6) Is that the last time the property is checked on? > No, we drive past the property and inspect the exterior on a regular basis. We will schedule an appointment with the tenant to do an interior inspection of the property periodically. This is just a quick look to make sure everything looks normal, and to make sure the house is in good habitable condition. 

7) How much does it cost to find a tenant for my property? > Please call me on my direct line and I will be glad to discuss our pricing structure with you. Scott Ehmer (805)757-4470

8) When do I receive my monthly check? > Our goal is to have your rent proceeds along with all accounting records by the 10th of each month. We often have it out as early as the 7th or 8th.

9) What happens if a repair is needed. > When we receive a maintenance call from a tenant we will evaluate the situation. If it is a straight forward repair needed we will call the appropriate contractor to go to the property and make the repair. If the situation is more vague we will go to the property to visually inspect the item in need of repair and take action from there. We follow up on all repair calls to confirm that the repair was made properly.

Please call Scott Ehmer at (805)757-4470 if you have additional questions.